Create an AI clone of yourself

Transform your WhatsApp conversations into a personalized AI chatbot. Chat, laugh, and share your digital twin!

Explore the possibilities with your AI twin

Chat with your clone

Dive into delightful dialogues with your digital twin! Engage in endless banter, seek advice, or simply enjoy the echo of your own wit and wisdom. Whether you’re bored, curious, or looking for a laugh, your AI clone is always on standby to entertain and amuse.

Share with friends

Let selected friends chat with your AI clone. They may finally dare to ask those burning questions, like “Did you really cry during that movie?” or confess, “I’m the one who ate your last slice of pizza."

How it works

Connect WhatsApp

Connecting your WhatsApp account allows the AI to learn your unique chat style.

Train your clone

It'll take just 15 minutes and your AI clone will be automatically trained and ready to chat!

Chat & Share

Chat with your clone and allow selected friends to text with your digital twin.

Transparent business model

Sign up now to create your clone

Your WhatsApp data is used solely for training your AI clone and then permanently discarded. You control what chats are used for training.